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Plastic Vortex, by Joanna Lubonska

Rewind was an audio installation that premiered at Paradigm Exhibition of Electronic Arts at Summerhall, Edinburgh, during February 2016.

Rewind explores the history, sociology and commodification of dance music. The piece is made using Mixmag’s Top 50 Dance Tunes of All Time and all the bundled drum machine samples in Ableton Live.

Algorithms and random processes generate a continual live mix, veering from hands-in-the-air breakdowns to euphoric disorientation to emerging into the dawn sun, the pulse of the club dying behind you. Where do those moments go? How long do they last? What WAS that tune?

The video below is an edited best-of/remix/DJ mix/composition/mashup, presented with footage of Joanna Lubonska’s installation Plastic Vortex (also pictured above), which ran in conjunction with Rewind.

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