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Polyrhythmic Salad

Polyrhythmic Salad was a soundscape commissioned by Edinburgh International Science Festival, performed as part of the Futurist Meal event on 31st March 2016, along with a brief talk about the piece.

The piece is made entirely from kitchen sounds, mainly gadgets (the Futurists would have approved) and following principles of Futurist music and philosophy. The piece is called Polyrhythmic Salad, which was one of the Futurist dishes served up at the event. The recipe for sonic Polyrhythmic Salad requires recordings of:

Onion, garlic and pepper being chopped
Various ingredients being prepped (removed from bags, scraped into pans, etc)
Frying ingredients
Gas hob (sparker, gas)
Microwave (hum, ding)
Hand blender
Toaster popping up
Wine glass
Kettle boiling (gas, electric)

House is a regular contributor to the Science Festival as a DJ, musician and presenter.

More info on Futurist meals:

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