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Dave House regularly collaborates with different artists across many disciplines, including visual art and dance, as well as other musicians.

Room 2 Manoeuvre

House has worked as composer and recordist for choreographer Tony Mill’s Room 2 Manoeuvre company on several projects and residencies. These have involved devising material based on field recordings in collaboration with dancers, as well as improvising for public workshop sessions. Most recently he composed material for the City Breakz project.

Atzi + The Reverse Engineer

Atzi Muramatsu is a BAFTA award-winning cellist. The two musicians perform improvised soundscapes in which House manipulates Atzi’s cello and voice in real time.


Photo: Chris Scott

Sink are a 3-piece improvising folk band based in Edinburgh. The Reverse Engineer has collaborated with them for several performances, including at Kelburn Garden Party. He has also been involved in their ambitious Pianodrome project, mic-ing up and manipulating the sound of pianos, or parts of pianos, in various states of repair.

The track below is composed using recordings from various sessions with Sink on their Pianocube instrument. It was featured at number 24 in The Herald’s Top 100 Tunes from Scotland 2018.


Sound/Art is an ongoing collaboration between Dave and Topaz Pauls, a life model and artist, in which life drawing and music meet. Read more here.

Jona feat. The Reverse Engineer
Jona is a techno producer and DJ based in Berlin with releases on Get Physical and Planet E. In 2014 their collaborative track Transmission Breakdown appeared on Jona’s Sidetracking album as well as a 12″ EP.

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