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Elusive Geometry

Elusive Geometry cover
Artwork by John House
  • ‘Bursting with ideas… Original & beautiful’ – ELECTRONIC SOUND
  • ‘A brilliant album of thoughtful, moody transitions & discovery’ –MONOLITH COCKTAIL BEST OF 2017
  • ‘building the sparkling foundation of a futuristic hybrid … creates the feeling of an organic band-structure and real spaces’ – BEAT MAGAZIN
  • ‘full of emotive, dancefloor-focused moments’ – THE SKINNY
  • ‘Brilliant’ – STUART MACONIE (BBC 6Music)
  • ‘Beautiful’ – NEMONE (BBC 6Music)

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Elusive Geometry documents a period of transition, self-(re)discovery and moving on. The title refers to the narratives we construct, cling to and ultimately discard. The album is composed from field recordings, sampled instruments, synthesis and algorithmic percussion and demonstrates how electronic music can be both danceable and deeply emotive.

The densely layered almost-chaos of Proto, Would That You Were and Decoherence speak of confusion and uncertainty. A return to equilibrium comes through in the minimal vibes of Metastability, Rhythmed and Pellucid. The album closes with the dreamy, ambient lilt of Post, with it’s final-second epiphany: “it’s so beautiful here”.

A special CD edition of the album features stunning, limited edition art prints created in response to the music by the artist’s brother, photographer John House, whose work has been widely exhibited including at the Royal Academy of the West of England, Bristol.

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