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Places I have never been.

In a world where nobody could go anywhere I relived a journey I never went on.

Places I have never been embraces the half-truths and subjectivity inherent in making music from field recordings. Locked down in his home studio, The Reverse Engineer tells an uncanny story of a trip that never happened using recordings from trips that did.   

John House’s artwork matches subtly edited, found photographs to each track. The track titles are derived from listener’s early responses to the music, their words and phrases jumbled up and drawn at random.

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Dave House is a musician and sound artist based in Edinburgh, UK. He makes polyrhythmic soundscapes from algorithms, field recordings and synthesis. His music as The Reverse Engineer has been featured on the BBC and made the Scotsman’s ‘best of’ lists in 2018 and 2019. His 2017 album Elusive Geometry was released to critical acclaim in the UK and Germany. He performs and exhibits at festivals and venues across the world.

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