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HD Audioscope

The HD Audioscope was House’s response to the ASCUS Chamberlain Group Micro-Residency that took place between February and May 2014.

The HD Audioscope is inspired by conversations with a man whose wife died of Huntington’s Disease (HD) and time spent in a laboratory investigating the condition. HD steadily destroys neurons and synaptic connections resulting in early dementia and a loss of muscle control, amongst other symptoms.

For people with HD, their families and their carers, the disease presents daily personal, practical and moral difficulties. HD is hereditary, and always fatal. While genetic research is revealing vital insights into causes and potential treatments, by its nature the work is minute, highly specific and disconnected from the day to day reality of sufferers. Breakthroughs in the lab offer new understanding, clarity and hope, but sometimes the human stories are lost amidst the science.

10 artists were selected by ASCUS to attend a series of workshops in Chamberlain Lab, University of Strathclyde, which is conducting research into Huntington’s Disease. A spokesperson from the Scottish Huntington’s Association also spoke to the group about the reality of living with the condition. During the residency House made recordings in laboratory itself, as well as interviewing a man whose wife died of Huntington’s Disease. He was struck by the vital but detached scientific research and the practical, emotional and moral hardships faced by sufferers and carers on a day-to-day basis. The HD Audioscope is an interactive sound environment that explores these two worlds.

The work of all the artists involved was exhibited in Glasgow between 29/05/14 – 02/06/14. House also gave a brief introduction and demonstration of the HD Audioscope on the opening night, which you can watch above.

You can download the HD Audioscope here. Note that this version is a ZIP containing a PC-only .exe file.

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