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Euclidean Acid

  • “a complete and utter romp… with squelchy, driving pulsations creating an unearthly, bubbling soundscape” – THE SKINNY

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When The Reverse Engineer got his hands on a TB-303 clone he set about making it do things it was never designed to do, in the time- honoured tradition of the instrument. Paradise Palms Records presents the Euclidean Acid EP from the Edinburgh producer also known as Dave House. 

A polyrhythmic trip through the cosmos, Euclidean Acid was created by sequencing classic acid lines with multiple drum machines and feeding them through a plethora of experimental effects units to tease out unexpected textures and timbre.

Video by Ian Dodds

Atop House’s foundation of jacking geometric dance music sit layers of vocal samples and off-kilter melodies, the likes of which have earned him previous praise from BBC 6 Music DJs Tom Ravenscroft, Nemone and Stuart Maconie.

Video by Fergus Cook
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